Movies are part of the entertainment forms of today’s generations. They have been classified according to genre and have made significant impact and influence on our lives. Young and old moviegoers alike have different preferences in move genres, such as action, drama, comedy, fantasy, romance and other others. We are seeing a steady emergence of Christian and Christian-themed movies that tackle issues and situations about spirituality and bible stories. As Christians, we can gain useful insights and learnings from these Christian genre movies and we can also draw inspiration from them to be closer in our relationship to God and strengthening our practice of our faith by having profound spiritual enlightenment and realization from the messages provided by these movies.

I am humbled and at the same time privileged to present the top 5 Christian movies of 2016. These movies are chosen not just based on their content but on the inspiration they share to viewers. Here are the top 5 Christian movies of 2016, in no particular order.

  1. Risen

Risen tells the story of the encounter of a Roman soldier (centurion) with Jesus after His death and Resurrection. Joseph Fiennes plays the role of a Roman centurion told to investigate the disappearance of Jesus’ body on the order of Pontius Pilate. His search brings him across Jerusalem, where he meets Christ’s disciples along the way. Shown incontrovertible proof that Jesus is the Messiah, the centurion has a personal crisis as to how his life has been led up to that point. It is well-formulated tale of discovering and rediscovering our faith in Jesus.

  1. The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah is a movie feature that offers us a rare glimpse into Christ’s childhood, which is rather under-represented in the Biblical scripture. The Young Messiah hopes to answer one of the basic Christian questions — When did Jesus know he was God? The film depicts a fictional story of Jesus as a young boy, around seven years of age. Although taking creative liberty in presenting the scripture in movies has been always a sensitive subject for Christian viewers, The Young Messiah may prove to be one of the few exceptions, and you probably will not be disappointed. This can be an inspiring movie for Christians from all ages to know about the family of the young Jesus and His realization of his calling.

  1. Miracles from Heaven

The movie Miracles from Heaven tells of a true story of a family’s struggle and crisis when their 12-year-old daughter is diagnosed with a rare illness, and how the family is blessed with a miracle after putting their faith in God. This can be an inspiring and feel-good movie for the whole family, which intends to remind viewers that all things are possible in Christ.

  1. God’s Not Dead 2

God’s Not Dead 2 is the sequel to the successful 2014 Christian film, “God’s Not Dead”. The movie portrays a public school teacher, played by Melissa Joan Hart, who gets into trouble for quoting the Bible in class. The situation spirals out of control and turns the incident into a battleground for religious freedom. This is an inspiring movie for Christians to be encouraged in professing their faith and spreading the Word of God

  1. Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge tells the heroic and inspiring story of Desmond Doss (played by Andrew Garfield), a soldier fighting in World War II whose Christian faith leads him to save lives rather than take them. This movie shows us that God blesses those who do not let go of their faith and obedience to God’s commandments even at the most troubling of times, especially war.

I have included as little and as general details as I can so as to avoid spoiling things for those who haven’t seen the movies. For those who haven’t seen these movies yet, I encourage you to watch them. These are just some of the few movies that are spiritually enriching and encouraging, and thus it would be a wonderful experience to see some, if not all of them, in the big screen. Enjoy!

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