The miracle of thanksgiving can easily be identified in John 6:1 with the feeding of 5,000 men. Here, as the people grew hungry and had nothing to eat, the five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish that a boy had brought along in the journey multiplied to feed them.

People say that miracles are hoaxes but as a Christian, I believe that they are not. Skeptics do not believe in them just as much as the Holy Bible. But I say, however, how can a Bible exist if it had not been written down by the people who saw these miracles themselves?

The miracle of thanksgiving happens every single day. As we live our lives, Jesus walks with us. Don’t you ever realize how our parents, who earn just enough to cover the cost of our homes, can still manage to take us out to a fancy dinner? How is this possible? The answer? FAITH.

No one is exempted from pain and suffering. However, there is no rule that we would have to suffer from pain all throughout our lives. To be able to get past all the pain, hurt, and suffering, we need to have faith. We need to believe in God. And we need to have faith that he can get us through the things that we are going through.

Every year, we celebrate Thanksgiving to express our gratitude from the blessings that the Lord showered upon us. In fact, during these moments, people experience miracles and things they have never experienced their whole lives.

Do you know what my best thanksgiving miracle was? It was when my friends and I visited an orphanage to gift children with toys, clothes, and books. What I felt was a miracle and a dream come true as I saw the big smiles on their faces. They were so happy to see us and were very eager to communicate and share their lives with us. It might have also been a miracle for them because although they had no parents anymore, at that moment, they had people who cared for them.

Miracles are not just winning the lottery. They can also be double rainbows and smiley faces. Miracles are what make your heart happy and warm, and thankful for the Lord. He is there, always looking out for all of us and there is nothing He asks more but faith.

Always remember that thanksgiving is not just a calendar event. It is an everyday activity. As we wake up in the morning and breathe our first breath for the day, we need to be thankful. As we eat our meals, we pray to God to bless the food on the table. As we enjoy every single thing we have in this world, we thank Him. Every day is a day of thanksgiving. Every day is a gift from God. Do not forget that through faith we can endure all the troubles coming our way. Miracles happen everyday because of Him.

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