We all have important things to face each morning or at the start of our respective days. We all have our routines every morning, like preparing or having breakfast, exercise or a warm cup of coffee. All these things are important to get us going for the rest of the day. We need to have a physical boost for our long day ahead. What about our spiritual boost? Is there a Christian way to make the most of our mornings? Yes there is. It is our morning prayer.

How do we go about making a good day’s start for our body and spirit? We should practice doing first things first. This should include our morning prayer. Our morning prayer should be put first or on top of our list in order to give God priority over all the things we do in our lives.

There’s no standard structure, length or content for a morning prayer. As long as you can make a spiritual connection with God daily before you start your mornings, it is every bit as fine as those daily prayers suggested by our faith leaders and Christian writings. For beginners, you can always start with short and simple prayers of thanks and request for guidance. There is no need to be ashamed or feel guilty if you skip including you morning prayers for some days. As long as you remember to do so and your heart is willing to incorporate your morning prayer in your life, payer can be eventually be included in your daily routine or morning ritual.

Remember to not be dragged into the temptation of discarding routinary activities. Most of the times, we get bored of doing the same things over and over again. This should not be so with our morning prayers. That is why it is strongly encouraged to have a short and simple prayer at first and eventually develop your morning prayers into personal and intimate conversations with God. We should also keep in mind to not consider our morning prayers as a routine, but more like a daily offering or labor of love. When we do everyday things from the heart, we never get bored of them and instead we get excited to do them more often. This should ideally be what should be done for our morning prayers.

Also, for morning prayers, we should not forget to have with us the Word of God – the Bible. There may be times when we would be at a loss for words to pray or talk to God. By opening the bible and looking for significant verses and readings, we can gain comfort, encouragement, warnings, instructions and advice from what we gather in the bible. We can use this knowledge for meditation and increasing our spiritual awareness. Meditating can feed and give nourishment to our spirit by motivating us to live the Christian way by considering the sacred teachings of God, pondering over them and taking them to heart. This is how we can take reading the Bible to a new level: meditating and applying the teachings of God. When we come to realize the beauty of having morning prayers, there is so much our physical and spiritual self can do throughout the day. So start making that morning prayer a habit now.


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