Jesus said. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies”. John 11:25–26.

Christians believe that there is an afterlife. Despite that the fact that the body dies and is buried or cremated, they still believe that their distinct souls will live and will be raised to a new life by God.

The resurrection of Jesus gives Christians hope. When Jesus rose from the dead, they believe that He gave them the everlasting gift of salvation. The reward of everlasting life and new resurrection awaits them if they follow His teachings and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

The incarnation of Jesus, that is, by being born as a human being and ultimately dying on the cross, He made possible for all Christians the view  and conviction of “life after death”.

The incarnation of Jesus Christ is a principal Christian doctrine that God the Father became human and man in the form of Jesus, who is the son of God and the second person of the Trinity. It therefore follows that the ideology of Incarnation, which reveals His identity, is the foundation on which all Christian doctrine is built.

The creed of the Incarnation influences and impacts every single aspect of Christian theology.  Many Christians believe that the soul is an immortal entity within us that goes on living even after we die.

When humans make its transformation from a human being into a spiritual form, they have their life experiences to assess.  They will eventually see the experiences gained and lessons learned. As spirits progress into higher spiritual consciousness, the life experiences and lessons will be learned easily and quickly in the spiritual life as compared to the normal life. The new spiritual life transcends to a much higher level. And if this does not happen, the spirit is much slower in understanding life’s lessons and in moving forward. Oftentimes, those who have not reached this level do not return to life nearly as quickly as those who have reached higher levels of consciousness.

Sometimes, when spirits return to Earth, regardless of the level of consciousness, they eventually decide they have done all the work that they need to do and do not want to go back to the challenges and hardships they see on Earth. This is for the reason that they do not know how to grow and handle the hardships at this level. The decision to go back to Earth lies on the level of spiritual consciousness.

Christians believe that the spirits who choose to return to Earth know the tests and trials that await them. As they transform, they will begin to identify the absence of difficulty with how they will go about living again and learning all spiritual lessons. By returning to Earth, they have substantial comprehension of the lessons learned in their past lives. They will be equipped to handle the much faster pace of spiritual growth and will ultimately achieve a higher spiritual consciousness as spirits.

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