The most sacred book, considered by the Jewish and Christian religions the word of God, is the Bible or the Holy Scripture. It is widely read, and influences our life if we study the messages it contains. While some people never even bother to read their Bibles at home, there are still many who take time to sit down, reflect on the passages, and quietly meditate. The Bible is not meant to be a decoration in the home, left to gather dust, and not made use of for its richness. Many people still do not have this sense of value, and therefore, fail to treasure this most important book.

The Bible contains both Old and New Testament books, and we can learn much as historical events in ancient Israel, creation of the world, the early church, and life of Jesus are presented in various literary styles – narratives, parables, poetry, songs, proverbs and other forms. Even if we find some difficulty in reading the Bible, we should still strive to learn. Studying the Bible in groups is a very positive way of getting into a deeper understanding of it, as it allows interaction, an avenue for exchanging views and clearing doubts. Yet, exerting efforts to study privately would still be a plus factor especially if one also consults more knowledgeable persons like priests, pastors or religious scholars. This gives way for a greater, better understanding of the Bible’s contents.

Stories of struggles, hopes, failures and triumphs of not only great people but also ordinary personages are widely described. To read through the various accounts and study the implications and relatedness to our actual lives could serve to inspire us, especially when we feel down or depressed, or we face trouble and uncertainty, the Bible would serve to comfort or guide us. The enlightenment we may experience is indeed soothing to the soul, as it gives us hope to carry our crosses with renewed faith and enthusiasm. Whether we study the Bible in group or alone, the positive turn it generates can indeed be palliative, and may eventually cure a broken spirit when pursued with determination, zeal, hope and humble faith. Fervent meditation should follow whenever a study of the Holy Scripture is made. It is only when we sit quietly, open our hearts to God, wait and listen to his voice/message, that the study would have been fruitful for the message would easily sink in. How we apply this discernment to actual day to day living is indeed not easy. One should strive to overcome the obstacles, among them pride, envy, unfairness, and other negative factors, that block one’s journey to be nearer God.

God is our only source of grace. The Bible and meditation are some secondary channels. It is thus fitting for us to listen to God’s word and be happy. We should allow the power of God’s grace to bear fruits in our lives. It is our duty to know well the written word of God, to put into practice their message, and to share with everyone its richness. Healing a broken spirit can be attained only if we humble ourselves and seek God’s word.

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