Only God can look

at somebody's heart


The power of God will

heal your heart and soul.

Believe that God will

help you find your way in life

Joyce G. Bradshaw

A New Jersey native, Joyce G. Bradshaw studied at Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia, and earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies at St. Edward s University, Austin, Texas. Since 1984 she and her husband have lived in Wimberley, Texas.

Her life experience includes raising three daughters, serving as a missionary in Mexico, and teaching work skills to disabled adults. Her interests range widely, from latch hooking, caring for stray cats, bird watching, and gardening to classical music, computer graphics, and--fortunately--writing.

Joyce G. Bradshaw's most recent publication was Somewhen, a book of poetry, also available from Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.


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