Times have changed a lot. A few years back, we could remember our neighborhood and streets to be relatively safer than they are right now. It seems that as time progressed, so did the crime rate in our societies. Not only that, it seems elements of injustice and oppression are rife in our neighborhoods nowadays. You can no longer walk safely alone in the streets even in broad daylight. That’s how unsafe, or more like uncertain, our neighborhoods are right now. But even amidst all these disturbing and inhospitable elements within our society, one thing remains the same: God’s love and protection.

We get too caught up and preoccupied in our daily lives that we fail to notice the small and important details in life. Even the smallest gifts and blessings pass by our eyes as ordinary, everyday objects and events. The sunshine we see and the mornings we wake up to are manifestations of God’s love and protection for us. Being able to wake up to another day means we have gone through the previous day relatively safe and unharmed. It should be a thought of immense gratefulness to God that we are given another day to live our lives. God forbid, we could have ended up as victims of hate crimes or worse, murderous assaults.

We often read or see in the news about victims of crimes and dead bodies left in a certain place before being discovered. We sometimes have this “schadenfreude” attitude within us in finding relief and twisted pleasure in being thankful that it happened to other people and not to us. Or sometimes, we dismiss news of crime as something usual and commonplace in our society; we think that news stories won’t be complete without a crime report.

It should be that during such times of adversities, trials and troubles, our thoughts and prayers should go not only for our safety and the safety of our loved ones, they should also include the people affected by those unfortunate events, the victims, their loved ones, and even the perpetrators and the people around them, that they may feel remorse and turn from their wrong and unjust ways.

You are always safe in God. The word “always” takes special emphasis in this statement. It more than just a promise; it is a guarantee from God. God has been, and will always be, the epitome of faithfulness and truth. When He says that we are always safe, we believe because His Word is the truth. Thus, we should always call out to God for protection, guidance and love in utmost faith and belief. Even during times when we feel safe, comfortable and protected, we should never cease praising, thanking and praying to God to keep us in the safety of His presence. The safety we find in God is the greatest we could ever find. It is not just our physical safety that we can attain. Most importantly, it is also our spiritual safety we can receive from God. For by His Grace, we are given another chance to be with Him in His kingdom through our spirits. By sending Jesus to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our spiritual salvation, God demonstrated His greatest love for humanity (John 3:16). In gratitude, we should never waste this most wonderful opportunity — a chance for eternal safety and audience with God. If ever we find ourselves in difficult situations, we should always remember that we are always safe in God.

“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” (Isiah 41:13)

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