Only God can look

at somebody's heart


The power of God will

heal your heart and soul.

Believe that God will

help you find your way in life

Plumb Lines: Markers Along the Way

Both testaments of the Bible offer many passages that describe God’s nature, his reactions to the activities of humans, and his plans for the future of individuals and nations. Plumb Lines introduces these themes, examines them in a variety of historical settings, applies them to our time, and seeks to clarify their importance in understanding the unending grace and mercy of God. The book’s highest purpose is to shine a light of hope on the pathway of life. Read more

Joyce G. Bradshaw

A New Jersey native, Joyce G. Bradshaw studied at Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia, and earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies at St. Edward s University, Austin, Texas. Since 1984 she and her husband have lived in Wimberley, Texas. Read more

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“I don’t want to go to church” tug-of-war

There will always come a time when we ask ourselves why we go to Church on Sundays. When this happens, we slowly question a lot of things, especially our faith. We argue with ourselves: What is the purpose of going to Church? Why can’t I just pray on my own? When we...

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The Miracle of Thanksgiving

The miracle of thanksgiving can easily be identified in John 6:1 with the feeding of 5,000 men. Here, as the people grew hungry and had nothing to eat, the five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish that a boy had brought along in the journey multiplied to feed them....

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Differences between Islam and Christianity

Religion takes different meanings to people all over the world. There are similarities and differences but for every religion that has been founded and developed, there is common observation that its teachings and practices have somehow given its followers some...

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